Eric Hutto

Eric Hutto

  • Senior Vice President & President, Enterprise Solutions
  • Unisys

Eric is currently SVP & Officer of Unisys.  He joined the company April 2015 and is responsible for building strategy, structure, and skills to best position the company to deliver  valued performance to stakeholders including the board, the executive leadership team, investors, analysts, employees, and most importantly the customers they serve.

He was elected by the board of directors in September 2015 to lead a turnaround of a $2.4 billion business, representing 82% of total company revenues. Within a 15-month period, the team achieved increased operating income of $200 Million, won 96% of contract renewals, and increased Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Eric attributes this success to a shift to a customer-centric culture within the organization with a renewed focus on the business model, strategy, financial performance, customer experience, and re-establishing people as a valuable asset.

Eric has conducted business in domestic and international markets with organizations in a variety of verticals including Healthcare, Lifesciences, Retail, Travel, Transportation, Hospitality, Education, State & Local Government. He has versatile perspective on running a business as a result of experience across disciplines of management, strategy, operations, business development, sales, and finance.

He attended Emory University's Executive Leadership Program and is a graduate of The University of Arkansas with a BS in Economics and Finance.