Tom Soderstrom

Tom Soderstrom

  • IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Tom is the IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  He leads a collaborative, practical, and hands-on approach with JPL and industry to investigate and infuse emerging IT technology trends that are relevant to JPL, NASA, and enterprises.

Tom has led remote teams and large scale IT best practices and tools development and change efforts in small startups, large commercial companies, in international venues, and in the US Government arena.

Tom is currently working on defining and implementing The Next IT Decade as it applies to enterprises like JPL.  He is consulting with industry and government leaders on what we can do about key disrupters such as Social media and consumerization, Crowd Sourcing, Mobility, Analytics / Big Data, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, and how to transform IT into Innovating Together. In other words: how we will work in the future.